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E46 M3 Fog Light Blank Set
  • As you all know, glass lens fog lights and tracking your car do not jive well. This fact led me to removing my fog lights and trim rings a while back which resulted in two large high drag volumes (see photos).Recently I have been looking into front lips/splitters and had a look at where the fog lights were and realized how large these two gaping cavities are and how much of an effect they have on drag. This led me to start thinking about solutions, so I laser scanned my OE fog light trim ring and essentially made a block off panel.Now, I'd like to offer sets (includes driver and passenger blanks) for those who track their car, don’t want to crack their fog light lenses, and don’t want to drop $300+ on carbon brake ducts that cover these large cavities/drag zones.

    E46 M3 Fog Light Blank Set

    SKU: e46m3foglightblankset
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